Water Conservation has been performing underground water leak detection in Minnesota and Wisconsin since 1999, and we’ve recently expanded into North and South Dakota.

Listed below is a letter from one of our great customers. We’ve worked in hundreds of cities and there¬†are thousands of homeowners, contractors and businesses as well.

From: Jim Eibensteiner, City of Wayzata
Date: Monday, March 5 2012
To: Water Conservation Services, Inc.
Project: Water System Surveys


Average daily pump age for January/February of 2010 was 645,500 gal.
Water System leak survey was completed on 10-4-2010.
A total of 6 leaks were found and repaired by 10-12-2010.
Average daily pump age for January/February 2011 was 453,093 gallons
Water Savings estimated to be 211,407 gallons daily

I have been working for the City for 26 years and when I started, the daily pump age averaged roughly in the low to mid 400’s. Over the years we have had more homes and businesses built throughout the city and additional pump age was just attributed to increased user demand along with the fact that there was not a good way to calculate/total water sold through municipal billing against water pumped unlike today. I would strongly recommend a leak survey be completed in any municipality that has not had one completed not only to verify that the system has no leaks but also to establish a base line of what the systems’ average daily pump age should be. Also by having this leak survey complete in the summer/fall months, we were able to fix leaks in decent weather instead of dead in the winter.